Clinical Lead Surgeon for the
Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery Team
North Bristol NHS Trust


NHS Spire Healthcare

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South West based Consultant in Upper Gastrointestinal and Weight Loss Surgery, providing outstanding care in the following procedures...

  • Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon System

    The Elipse Balloon

    • Swallowed and filled with 550mL of liquid in 10 minutes without endoscopy or sedation
    • Balloon is self-emptying via a valve that opens at 4 months, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally
    • Several single and multi-centre studies completed in Europe and the Middle East in subjects with BMI 27 and above
    • Weight loss ranges from 10-15% TBWL (15kg) over 4 months, with good weight loss maintenance over one year
    • Excellent safety profile in over 4700 Elipse balloons placed worldwide
    • Highly successful follow-up of patients with connected scale and smart-phone app

    Orbera 365 Balloon

    Requires an OGD Endoscopy to place but can stay in the stomach for 1 year.



"I have found Mr Osborne to be extremely competent, confident and kind. He listens carefully, explains fully and is professional and reassuring at all times."

Mr Osborne and his team made sure I was well informed on progress and what to expect. I felt he was honest and caring.

Building up trust in Mr Osborne was incredibly important. This was partnership working with patients at it's very best, so thank you!

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