Clinical Lead Surgeon for the
Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery Team
North Bristol NHS Trust


NHS Spire Healthcare

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South West based Consultant in Upper Gastrointestinal and Weight Loss Surgery, providing outstanding care in the following procedures...

National Guidelines

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Member of the guideline development group (GDG) for the update of the Obesity guideline CG 43, published: November 2014.

Books and Book Chapters

Tsai A, Osborne A, Welbourn R Training in Minimal Access Surgery Chapter: Morbid Obesity. 2014 Springer Publishing Company, New York, NY 10036

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"I have found Mr Osborne to be extremely competent, confident and kind. He listens carefully, explains fully and is professional and reassuring at all times."

Mr Osborne and his team made sure I was well informed on progress and what to expect. I felt he was honest and caring.

Building up trust in Mr Osborne was incredibly important. This was partnership working with patients at it's very best, so thank you!

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